Chapter Seventeen: Four on one 

GIC2 is coming to an end. Only one more day to go and then only three weeks left until the dreaded GIC3. End of the line (hopefully) but only the beginning. After nearly nearly 70 hours of training in eight days, basically every system in the body is shot. Muscles, nerves, tendons, everything. There isn’t a place in my body that isn’t either sore, stiff or aching. Even the mind is cramped full of new and old information. Some days I feel like the mental exhaustion is worse than the physical. I’ve been receiving a lot of compliments for my personality as an instructor and my operative skills as a fighter. I do not take this lightly. I’m thankful for not only the instructors that I’ve had, but also my training partners. Especially the guy in the picture below. Sometimes the hugging turns into fighting. It’s all good. Unless there’s four of them. 4vs1 drills are exhausting, but a lot of fun. Really shows you that you don’t have time for the fancy stuff. It’s as real as it gets. 


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