Chapter Nineteen: E.F.H. 

First day of GIC3 is completed and only four more days to go. I felt good coming here but right now, I’m not so sure anymore. Maybe because we’re closing in on the final exams and it’s just self-doubt and high expectations from my own over-achieving self. Today was physically demanding and even though we’ve had two and a half weeks to recover from GIC2 – my mind and body are already exhausted. It’s like my body remembers all the ache from previous parts and goes back to being a little bitch about it. I’m at a point of EFH (everything fucking hurts). You know, when you can’t even get up from a chair without moaning like an old man with a prosthetic hip. Time to get some shuteye and see what Emmanuel has in store for us tomorrow. Peace out folks.   


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