It’s been about a year since I finished the GIC and thus concluded the whole blogging project. I never expected people to actually read it, much less approach me a year after my final post and ask me why I didn’t continue to write. My fiancé has been telling me this past year that she really enjoyed my writing and that I should start up the blog again. I just thought she was being nice. After all, all the bloggers I’ve ever heard of are all writing about clothes, make-up, fashion or fitness people posting what they supposedly ate for lunch and which muscle group they’re going to work on at the gym. I know there are some other fighting/Krav Maga blogs out there. But to be honest, I don’t even read blogs. Who has the time right? It’s so much more efficient to look at people’s Snapchat stories or Instagram pictures to get an idea of what people are up to.

Having said that, let’s see for how long I can keep this up and how frequently I’ll update it. 

So what have I been up to the last year? After finishing the GIC, I started the 4th KMG Krav Maga club here in Gothenburg. My initial plans weren’t to become a club owner. I mostly wanted to do seminars, private sessions, work with larger corporations etc. But I got a call from the owner of a martial arts/crossfit club and was asked to run the Krav Maga classes at his club. Shortly after that, I continued my journey by becoming a Combat Mindset & Mental Conditioning Instructor and Kids & Teens Instructor within KMG. Two of the most amazing courses I’ve ever done. If you’ve just finished your GIC and you’re looking for the next course (or you haven’t done it), the CMIC should most definitely be the one you attend. The course is also open for all KMG non-instructors. It’s an amazing course and you will benefit from it in your every day life.

In about three weeks, I’m leaving for the Combat & Fighting Instructor Course which is the last course I’ll do this year. Next year I’m mostly focusing on camps, instructor updates and shifting focus to being the student and not just an instructor. I just got back from KMG Summer Camp Sweden: Active Shooter Protocol and had an amazing time and met incredibly awesome people. But more on that in my next post. Stay tuned and stay strong.