I’ve told you guys before, that everything is affected by your mindset. The way you think about something, can actually change the way you perceive it. Now I’m not saying that you can look at a rose and think it into a candy bar. But you do have an internal dialog that affects how you feel. Try waking up every morning and start thinking about how your life sucks, your living arrangement sucks, your job sucks, your car sucks, your boss sucks, the weather sucks. Everything. Sucks. Chances are, that day will indeed, suck. Why? Because in your internal dialogue, you’ve already declared to yourself that everything is negative, nothing is good and that’s the way it is. Now if you were to wake up every single morning and start the day by thinking about how great your life is, that rain is actually beautiful and that the cold weather allows you to use that winter coat you bought last year; the hormones in your body actually start changing and you will release endorphins into your system. Try and remember the last compliment someone gave you. How did it make you feel? Pretty good right? The same thing happens if you compliment yourself. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between YOU telling yourself your life is amazing and someone else telling you it is. Physiologically, it will trigger and activate the same systems. Your inner dialogue is the most important one, because you carry it with you in everything, every day. 

Try picturing waking up one morning with a little person sitting on your shoulder. From the moment you wake up, this little person keeps whispering negative things about you and your life. “You’re ugly”, “you’re fat”, “you should make more money”, “you should buy a more expensive car”, “your house isn’t big enough”. Imagine it and tell me you wouldn’t walk around, being pissed off at the world and hate yourself. That little person exists, inside your head, and they never shut up. Tuning out the inner dialogue is extremely difficult and takes a lot of practice. It takes some time, patience and practice. But even when you succeed, you can’t walk around in life in a medatitive state all the time. Most of us have things to do (or do we?). So if the dialogue is going to continue, why not make sure it’s positive? All these abstract philosophical things that I’m writing about, just imagine them with a “real” counterpart. Who would you rather spend two hours talking to, a person that complains about every, single, thing that has ever gone wrong in their life; or the person who accepts life as it is and tries to see positive things? It’s so easy to get stuck in a negative loop and focus on everything that has gone wrong (don’t get me started on getting stuck in the past), everything that is wrong and everything that might go wrong in the future. Or as negative people like to say “things that probably will go wrong in the future”

We all do it. Some more than others and I’m no exception. I’m nowhere near being a zen master and sometimes my internal dialogue resembles a war zone. I need to constantly remind myself to stop thinking myself into a pit of negativity. Thus, this post will act as a reminder for myself and all of you out there. Clean up your inner dialogue and stop being so hard on yourself. You’re only human. Stay positive.

“Stay away from negative people; they have a problem for every solution.”