CFIC Day 8: Testing day

So today was the final day of the course; and testing day. It started off with a teaching test then moved on to doing basically everything we worked on during this past week. It was a mix of techniques and principles, but in the speed and energy of a grading basically. Yesterday we did a lot of ground fighting, so my body was aching and I have inflammations in both my elbows. Nice way to start off testing day. I was off to a rough start. My 16oz gloves felt like 16kg and the pain was excruciating. No choice but to suck it up, buttercup. After a few drills the pain faded but I can feel it creeping back as I’m writing this in the car on our way home. So I’ll just leave you guys with this: I’m now a KMG Combat & Fighting Instructor along with my brothers that also passed the course. It’s been one hell of a ride. But now I’m looking forward to going home and start implementing this in my regular classes. Till next time. Kida. 

The Swedish instructors with Eyal and Jovan