Chapter Fourteen: Fancy

You know those days where everything just goes your way from the moment you wake up till you go to bed? You hit every green light, the sun is out, there’s no traffic on the roads, everything goes smoothly at work and life is just easy. Like a cold beer at the beach or a million dollar lottery ticket. Well today, was not one of those days. In fact, it was the opposite of everything I just described. Every god damned punch, kick and technique felt like absolute garbage. We did things that I worked on just two weeks ago. That were perfectly fine then, but felt like a sack of hammered shit today. Nothing even felt remotely okay, not even the instructing which I so proudly said I felt the most comfortable with a few posts back. Hell, for a minute I started doubting what on earth I was doing there. Then I realized that we’ve passed the midway point of the GIC and after fourteen days, it’s alright to have a crappy day. I am without a doubt my biggest critic and I really need to start taking it easier on myself. You have bad days, shit happens. Shake it off and move on.   


Chapter Thirteen: Plomo

Today was all about the gun. Pistol threat from all angles and directions. I had done the techniques before but not with all the details that we were given. It’s an interesting subject to practice, considering how this world is evolving. Ten years ago there wasn’t a lot of gun violence, at least in my town. Gets you thinking about the need for Krav Maga. Never really thought about the necessity of it. I always just thought it was fun to train. But yeah, gets you thinking. 


Chapter Twelve: Teacher

Today was the twelfth day of the GIC, third day of this part and I’m growing more confident in my abilities as an instructor. I wasn’t too worried about that part specifically. My day job consists of leading large teams through sensitive and time critical situations with report/relaying duties to upper management. Which means I’m both used to instructing, leading and standing in front of an audience. My experience as a personal trainer has also added to that skill set. So I’m used to using my vocal, audiotory and tactile abilities to teach physical movement. Teaching someone to squat isn’t all that different from teaching someone to defend against a straight punch or teaching someone to play an instrument. The role as the teacher is all the same and I’m starting to believe that I’ll be a great one, some day. Today, I’m trying to be the best that I can be and learn from the best. 

Emma, you are indeed missed.   


Chapter Eleven: Everyone close your eyes

Creeping up slowly to halfway through the course and I am so glad I’m in Gothenburg for this part. It’s a truly great feeling being able to come home to my family, eating at home and sleeping in my own bed. Although we had a lot of fun in Oslo and will probably have as much fun in Ã…rhus; there’s no place like home. I’m not as sore as I was during GIC1 because we’re focusing a lot on teaching and being instructors. Also considering my history of injuries, I’m training smarter and emphasizing on becoming the best instructor I can be.


Chapter Ten: Pull my hair

There aren’t a lot of places where you hear things such as “really pull my hair hard”, “choke me harder” or “push your thumbs deeper into my eye sockets”. But I mean, we do love what we do. There is a difference between pain and hurt. Feeling pain isn’t necessarily something bad. Inflicting some pain and learning to endure it, is cruical to what we do. After all, we are learning how to defend ourselves, how to teach others to defend themselves and their loved ones. You need to learn what it feels like to get hit. Now, this doesn’t mean being kicked at full force to the head. You won’t really learn anything and much less remember any of it. But you do need to be able to feel pain and push through it. Being hurt on the other hand, is being incapacitated. It’s what we strive to do to an aggressor; hurting them to a point where they are either unwilling or unable to continue their attack so that we can remove ourselves from the situation. So train smart and learn to use pain without being hurt or hurting your partner. 


In less than twelve hours, GIC Part 2 begins. In these past couple of weeks I’ve mostly been focusing on mobility and recovery. For about a year and a half now, I’ve been struggling with impingement in both my shoulders. This proved to become a real problem during the course as the pain grew sharper and restricted my movement. Luckily we had access to OFC’s own massage therapist who helped me on several occasions. Since then I’ve been doing several rehab sessions a day with one of the best shoulder specialists in the country. I’m glad to say that I’m officially pain free and I’m hoping to stay that way for the duration of this course – and all eternity of course. 

I can honestly say that I’m more nervous for this part of the course. Maybe because I’m in my hometown of Gothenburg. Maybe because my mentor Tommy will be teaching this part of the course and I know that he expects 100% from me. I can’t put my finger on it, but I’m both nervous and really excited about tomorrow. Que sera sera I guess. All I know is that we’re kicking things off (literally) with a high roundhouse-test at 09:00 tomorrow morning. So all my fellow GICs: welcome to Gothenburg where it rains horizontally and the wind blows through your bones. I’ll see you in a few hours. 


Chapter Nine: Hug me, kick me, I want to feel your body

Part one of the GIC is in the books! How do I summarize over 90 hours of training? Well. I absolutely loved it. It has been the most physically and mentally challenge of my life. I haven’t really done anything new, I’ve just learned more about everything I’ve done before and seen things from new perspectives. I’ve trained harder and smarter than I’ve ever done before and as I’ve written before, I’m starting to see the bigger picture. Now I have a few days to recouperate then it’s back to the gym and back to the instructor’s manual and my notes. Only twenty days left until part two, which will take place here in Gothenburg, thank god. A big thank you to Krav Maga Academy Oslo, all of my new friends and a special big thanks to Rune Lind. If you have the opportunity to train with this man, take it. He is as humble as he is inspiring and experienced. I’ll start blogging again a few days before part two. Until then, kida! 

Me and Rune Lind after he tapped me out with a neck crank. Nothing but love and respect for this man!